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Guidebook to Education in the Commonwealth

The Guidebook to Education in the Commonwealth is presented in two sections. The first section contains background information about the 31 countries that have submitted information about their education initiatives for inclusion in the guidebook. The second section of the publication provides reports on more than 60 education initiatives, with activity-specific, detailed information about: the

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CYP Diploma Module 13 – Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development From the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development 1992: “Principle 4: In order to achieve sustainable development, environmental protection should constitute an integral part of the development process and cannot be in isolation from it…” “Principle 21: The creativity, ideals and courage of the youth of the world should be mobilised to

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CYP Diploma Module 12 – Youth and Health

Youth and Health Welcome to Module 12 Youth and Health. As you know, youth development workers have a key role to play in delivering a holistic approach to health promotion. This module is intended to assist you in your work. The module starts by defining youth in the context of health. It continues by

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CYP Diploma Module 11 – Enterprise and Economic Development

Enterprise and Economic Development Welcome to Module 11 Promoting Enterprise and Economic Development. The first unit of this module focuses on the nature of current economic development and its relationship to enterprise activity. Other units include practical guidelines and exercises to develop enterprise skills. Unit 5 takes the form of a training programme that

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CYP Diploma Module 10 – Conflict and Resolution

Conflict and Resolution Whenever two or more people interact, either as individuals or as part of a group, there is always potential for conflict. It is no different when you interact with young people in a work setting: the potential for conflict is present. It is important that you are aware of that potential

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CYP Diploma Module 9 – Policy and Implementation

Policy and Implementation Welcome to Policy Planning and Implementation, which is Module 9 of the Diploma in Youth Development Work. This module will enable you to develop the skills required to investigate, analyse and influence the policy-making processes that shape welfare services, particularly those that directly affect the quality of young people’s lives. It

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CYP Diploma Module 8 – Planning and M&E

Planning and M&E Welcome to Module 8 Project Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Much of the work of youth development professionals is organised around specific projects. They may be small projects designed by yourself and relevant stakeholders to solve very specific problems that you and they face. Alternatively, they may be part of much larger

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CYP Diploma Module 7 – Management Skills

Management Skills Welcome to Module 7 Management Skills. This module focuses on the full range of management roles and tasks that you, as a youth development worker, may need to perform and about which you will need to know. The module begins by exploring the concept of management and the theories informing the practices

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CYP Diploma Module 6 – Commonwealth Values

Commonwealth Values Welcome to Module 6 Commonwealth Values. This module has two goals. The first is to introduce you to a set of values that have come to underpin the Commonwealth – human rights, equity, democracy, pluralism, citizenship, participation and empowerment. You should already have a sense of what these terms mean in general.

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