Safe Back to School: A practitioner’s guide

The Safe Back to School guide aims to be a user-friendly, practitioner-focused tool that outlines the key steps needed for a coordinated, inclusive, all-hazards approach to school reopening and links to further guidance where appropriate. Coordination teams (such as Child Protection Area of Responsibility, Education Cluster, EiE Working Group Coordinators, Refugee Education Groups or Local

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School systems priorities in the days of COVID-19

Four major priorities and putting equity front and center, should be the focus of school systems. The shift to remote learning across the world has been uneven. Some systems were able to train teachers, roll out remote learning, and put in place student support services in less

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Impact on School Meals

Over 133 million children across the Commonwealth are missing out on school meals As COVID-19 lockdowns stop school meals, there is growing concern that millions of children will become susceptible to malnutrition and other health risks as their immunity is diminished. Meals represent about 10 percent of monthly incomes in poor households. Taking away school

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